A Small Batch Homebrewing Blog for Creative Bachelors
Matt Giovanisci Holding a Homebrew

Small Batch Homebrewing for Creative Bachelors

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What We're All About

Are you a creative homebrewer wanting to experiment with beer recipes without making a full 5 gallon batch? Do you live in an apartment or condo? Do you only have access to an electric stove to boil your wort? Or, do you just want to start the hobby of homebrewing beer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I believe this blog (pronouned: batch brew) will be your best resource for one gallon small batch beer brewing.

Small batch brewing allows you to experiment with your own creative recipes without wasting time and gallons of beer. It allows you to make small mistakes and correct them on the next batch.

There are not enough resources for us small batch homebrewers. Therefore, I've created this blog to provide that resource and community for brewers like us who enjoy brewing an outstanding variety of beer all the time.

There are so many benefits to small batch brewing, including:

I'd like you to become part of our community of creative small batch homebrewers to share recipes, techniques and stories about your brewing experience.